Deals over Dinner

by TNW

Deals over Dinner

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Deals over Dinner

During the Amsterdam Capital Week, TNW is bringing together the most promising tech startups and forward-thinking corporates to meet and dine. The aim of this exclusive and intimate event is to spark deals. After each course we'll switch seating so you'll get to meet at least three different companies.

For corporates

Both corporate brands and startups are acknowledging the value of working together and are actively looking to engage with each other. We play our part in bridging the gap between the ecosystem. Deals over Dinner will put you in direct contact with the best curated startups/scale-ups the Netherlands has to offer, all whilst enjoying a three course dinner. Every course a new founder will join your table and you have to figure out if there is common ground and interest to follow up or introduce them to someone within your organization. There’s plenty of time to mingle and connect with all the other companies. Food, business, fun and interesting conversations in one evening.

For startups

Growing your company isn’t done from the mythical garage anymore. You have to get out there to talk to potential customers and partners. During Deals over Dinner we’ll put you in touch with the leaders of innovation that are otherwise so hard to reach. Enjoy food, drinks and great conversations with the most innovative companies the Netherlands has to offer.


17:30 // Walk in 

18:00 // Intro //goals and introduction to the evening 

18:30 // Starter // Scale-up 1 

19:00 // Main course //Scale up 2 

19:30 // Dessert //Scale-up 3 

20:00 // Drinks // Reveal collaborations and potential deals 

22:00 // De hoogste tijd