#customersuccess: the importance of using customer feedback

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#customersuccess: the importance of using customer feedback

TQ Community Meetups aim to facilitate the development and strengthening of our community by bringing together like-minded folks around an industry to share experiences and grow together.

This community meetup will focus on Customer Success and is organized by Niels Rozemeijer from Starred and Lieveke Heijn from Homerun.

What to expect

Following the success of the previous editions we’ll be opening the doors of TQ again for customer success managers. For this edition, we're welcoming speakers from inSided and Starred. The talks will start at 17:15 and we’ll finish around 18:30 in the event space in TQ. Of course there will be some bites and drinks!


  • Sanne van der Meer, Head of Customer Happiness & Customer Success

Sanne has worked at Starred for over three years as part of the customer success and happiness team. Starred makes feedback better for everyone by offering feedback software built to scale and drive better decisions. Sanne will talk about how Starred set up the customer journeys for their customers and how you can improve based on feedback

  • Bart Meerdink, Strategy Director at inSided

Bart has been with inSided for over three years and is responsible for the strategy of the company. Bart will tell us more about how successful SaaS companies boost self service so they can grow more efficient.