Cooking Class with Head Chef Don

by TQ

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Cooking Class with Head Chef Don

One of the things TQ is renowned for is its amazing lunch service at TQ City. With the coronavirus crisis, our kitchen is closed, but this doesn’t mean we can’t have tasty food at home! Every Thursday, our Head Chef, Don, will be running an online cooking class. Stay tuned for what the recipe will be this week (released on Tuesday)!

What Don aims for is a place for all of us to laugh at our own attempts to cook, while also understanding that we all can improve from little tweaks here and there. Having an asian dish is perfect right now, because while the main supermarkets are run dry, all the tokos are still completely full! This way we can support our local businesses, too! 

Don also recommends to keep plenty of snacks on hand, and don’t already be hungry at 17:00. This will lead to one of the biggest barriers of an amateur cook: that you are too impatient and you don’t want to fully finish the recipe. At the end of the day, remember that every professional was once an amateur. Below there is a grocery list with some alternatives. You should be able to find everything at your toko and most likely at your local big chain supermarket as well.

Reminder: please be cognisant of the health and safety measures in place around the coronavirus while grocery shopping, like maintaining a 1.5 m distance from other shoppers, washing your hands before and after, and not touching your face. Of course, if you're not feeling well, please stay home. And make sure to give your groceries and produce a good scrub once you're home!