Community Meetup: The Art of Data, 2nd session (online)

by TQ

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Community Meetup: The Art of Data, 2nd session (online)

TQ Community Meetups aim to strengthen our community by bringing together like-minded people to share experiences and grow together. This time around, we've invited Eli Bressert, product and data leader, to walk you through the art of data. 

Data was once a nice-to-have for companies, but it's now become the lifeblood for excelling in today's competitive markets. In this talk, Eli will focus on how to strategically use data, data science, and machine learning to out-compete and own your prospective domains. You'll go through the journey of several companies that he has worked at (like Netflix) where they decided on specific strategies for their future and how they applied data, data science, and machine learning to get there.

This talk will be useful for everyone who thinks strategically about their startups and wants to see how data and the respective verticals around it can help them succeed. By the end of the presentation, you'll have a new data strategic framework to apply to your startup for success.


Eli Bressert is a product and data leader who has worked at highly successful startups like Stitch Fix and Convoy (both multi-billion dollar companies today) and well-known household names like Netflix and Apple. Additionally, he advised dozens of startups on the data front as a staff member at Singularity University. He has founded a new company called Origin that focuses on saving you time and guaranteeing amazing vacations, every time. It's naturally a very data centric company. 

This session will be held online.