Community Meetup: #marketing first edition

by TQ

Conversation on the balcony

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Community Meetup: #marketing first edition

TQ Community Meetups aim to facilitate the development and strengthening of our community by bringing together like-minded folks around an industry to share experiences and grow together.

Are you a marketer willing to add to your skill set? And maybe also willing to give back and teach others? Then this is for you! 

The best part of TQ is that we have access to a valuable knowledge source: ourselves. Join the marketing meetup to network with other marketing enthusiasts, exchange ideas and tactics, and have a good time (of course). 

What to expect

Each meetup will have a different focus, ranging from performance and content marketing to social media tactics. The best part? We will decide together which topics are most relevant at each meetup. 

Our first meet up will be about conversion optimization. First, a quick its most fundamental, conversion optimization is about turning traffic into leads and sales. This involves everything from analytics analysis to A/B website testing. Do you have some tips and tricks to bring to the table? Frustrations? Confusion? It’s all welcome! See you there.