Community meetup: Maintaining creativity & a positive mindset

by TQ


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Community meetup: Maintaining creativity & a positive mindset

On 25th March, TQ members and brain & behaviour experts, Philip Jordanov and Marinka Lipsius, will be hosting the first of a four-part series of community meetups on brain and behaviour. These meetups will provide you with a "brain toolkit" to help you get through difficult times. This first session will focus on maintaining creativity and a positive mindset and how you can transform problems into challenges and chances.

This session is for TQ members and residents only and will take place online. Sign up and we will send you the link ahead of the session.

Stay tuned for the next 3 parts of the series!

About the speakers

Philip Jordanov is a Cognitive Neuropsychologist at Neurofied, where he distills insightful Brain & Behaviour theories and turn them into practical frameworks and tools that anyone can use.

Marinka Lipsius is a behavioural expert and Founder at Mindkey Academy where she runs neuro-based High Performance Programs, Masterclasses, Boost Retreats & Innovation Programs.