Community Meetup: #hr

by TNW


If you’re not a resident or member of TQ, you unfortunately can’t attend this event. Sign up for residency or membership and be sure to get front row seats at these events as well. We hope to see you soon!

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Community Meetup: #hr

At TQ, we want to help our community grow, strengthen and develop, and with so many innovative companies and talented individuals in the building, there is a lot to gain from sharing knowledge and experiences. Community Meetups aim to facilitate this by bringing together like-minded folks within our community around a certain industry to share experiences and learn from them together.

This community meetup will focus on HR and is organized by Joanna Szot of TNW.  It will be an informal discussion for you to get to know other HR employees in TQ and exchange knowledge. In the future, this aims to become a support circle for when anyone needs a second opinion in their HR journey.  

What to expect:

  • Joanna will be talking through the recent implementation of performance reviews using Impraise in TNW and share learning points they've garnered. 
  • Discussion about the challenge to connect this reviewing system (Impraise) to the compensation matrix to present a growth path within the company to their team members. 
  • Joanna will reach out to all attendees to ask for their biggest challenges and HR approach. Based on that we’ll have an interactive discussion.
  • End the session by having some beers!