Community Meetup: #finance

by TQ


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Community Meetup: #finance

At TQ, we want to help our community grow, strengthen and develop, and with so many innovative companies and talented individuals in the building, there is a lot to gain from sharing knowledge and experiences. Community Meetups aim to facilitate this by bringing together like-minded folks within our community around a certain industry to share experiences and learn from them together.

This community meetup will focus on Finance and is hosted by Peter Strik of Starred. It will be an informal discussion for you to get to know other Finance employees in TQ and exchange knowledge. In the future, this aims to become a support circle for when anyone needs a second opinion in their Finance journey.  

What to expect

  • Content will focus on cash flow planning and reporting, as well as networking and understanding your needs to plan future meetups.
  •  Peter Strik give a kick-ass demo of Starred’s fully integrated and semi-automated cash flow forecasting machine. He will focus on things you can copy and apply to your business immediately,
  • Peter Fechter will share his expertise on automating cash flow planning for clients at RS-Finance, a finance administrator specialised in automation. His free-flowing presentation style allows you to get practical advice, regardless of whether you work for a large scale-up or are just starting up.
  • Following the two 15-minute presentations, there will be time for a moderated discussion and Q&A. We encourage you to ask both the presenters and other participants for advice, or share your own experience and best practices.
  • After an hour of hard-core finance, we’ll end the session by having some beers!