Community Meetup: #customersuccess second edition

by TQ


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Community Meetup: #customersuccess second edition

TQ Community Meetups aim to facilitate the development and strengthening of our community by bringing together like-minded folks around an industry to share experiences and grow together.

This community meetup will focus on Customer Success and is organized by Niels Rozemeijer from Starred and Lieveke Heijn from Homerun.

What to expect

For this second edition, we'll be welcoming speakers from RealtimeBoard and Bynder for an AMA (ask me anything) session.We’ll start around 17:00 and the talks will last until 18:30. The meetup will take place in the club on the 4th floor, also where we'll end with a drink after the talks.


Steven currently works as Head of Customer Success at RealtimeBoard, the online whiteboard for remote team collaboration which enables teams to visualize, discuss and share. Prior to joining RealtimeBoard, Steven started up the customer success team for Optimizely in Europe.

Bart currently works for Bynder, a marketing software product that allows brands to easily create and share content with each other. At Bynder, Bart is responsible for Enterprise Customer Success in EMEA and APAC.