Community Meetup: #country managers

by TQ

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Community Meetup: #country managers

TQ Community Meetups aim to strengthen our community by bringing together like-minded people to share experiences and grow together.

A good country lead is vital to the international success of a company. During a conversation led by weGrow, we invite country leads, country managers, international founders, and expansion leads to share and exchange best practices. 

So are you:

  • A country lead looking to share experiences and learn from other country leads?
  • A founder looking for insights into scaling internationally with country leads?
  • A founder who has recently moved to the Netherlands and wants to find like-minded people?

We will discuss some of the following topics:

  • What makes up a country lead's DNA?
  • What is needed from a company's side?
  • How do you find a balance between having local knowledge, a local network, and knowledge of native product/market fit?
  • How does the matchmaking between founders and country leads take place ideally?
  • How and where do you find the companies? How and where do you find country leads?
  • Can you transfer company culture?
  • How do you balance morphing cultures? 
  • How do you manage cultural differences? Whose responsibility is it?
  • How do you find local(ized) product market fit?


weGrow is an Amsterdam-based internationalization service focused on growing startups and scale-ups in Europe and the USA. weGrow is helping companies such as WeTransfer, UnitedWardrobe, and HelloPrint enter markets in both strategic and hands-on ways.

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