Community Meetup: Compensation and Benefits

by TQ

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Community Meetup: Compensation and Benefits

TQ Community Meetups aim to strengthen our community by bringing together like-minded people to share experiences and grow together.

This time around, we've invited David Schimmel of De Jongens van HR to talk about employee benefits. Holland is well known as a tax haven for multinationals. This session will teach you about the kind of employee benefits available in Holland and the smart way to use them. 

Come by to learn about:

  • Benchmarking salary grid - As a growing start-up company, you most definitely compare yourself to different benchmarks. In order to attract the right employees it's good to know what the market is offering. Let’s take a benchmark and see how to use it in a salary grid. 
  • Improve employee commitment - Do you want to improve employee commitment and improve your company cashflow at the same time? Benefits based on the company performance might be just the thing for you!
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) - Join the session to find out different ways to offer stock option benefits to your employees, without the actual hassle of giving out stocks/bonds.
  • Most Famous WBSO - You probably already took care of the WBSO (the most famous tax benefit for start-ups in Holland). But do you already use the benefits that it offers to your employee workforce? Let's find out!


David Schimmel has been practicing Labor Law for over 6 years. He founded De Jongens van HR from a love for employees and all that comes with it. In heart and mind he has always been an entrepreneur, and now, through De Jongens van HR, he has the opportunity to be an entrepreneur in over 20 companies. That’s what they do with De Jongens van HR: they venture with you as entrepreneurs. They currently take care of the HR and salary administration for over 500 employees. 


A key factor of De Jongens van HR is that they take care of the HR for their clients, as if it were their own company. As entrepreneurs, they proactively work with you and your business. De Jongens is actively involved in the company’s strategy and makes sure Legal & Financial HR decisions are made accordingly. In their role as entrepreneur, HR specialist, and labor law advisor, they think alongside and actively consult the management with their decision-making. This way, management can focus on the actual business while De Jongens makes sure that all HR activities are in line with the company’s goals.