Building Products People Love with Eamonn Carey from Techstars

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Building Products People Love with Eamonn Carey from Techstars

Building products people love - from PR and marketing to partnerships and sales, figuring out how to find, engage and retain users is a key part of every business. In this talk, Eamonn Carey, Managing Director of Techstars London, will share practical tips with real world examples showing how companies have used simple tools, smart messaging, mischief and more to acquire and engage their users.

About Eamonn

In addition to his role as MD at Techstars (applications now open!), Eamonn has been an entrepreneur for most of his adult life - starting several companies in Dublin and the Middle East - two successfully, others, less so. He's been an active angel investor in Europe, the US and Asia for the last five years - investing in everything from AI to food tech and from messaging to co-working spaces. He ran the Techstars Connection program in New York, works with the Zeroth AI accelerator in Hong Kong and sits on several boards - including Lingvist, Paranoid Fan and Motivii. 

If you're interested in booking an office hours slot with Eamonn to learn more about the upcoming Techstars program in London, you can book a slot here.