Building Inclusive Products with Google &

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Building Inclusive Products with Google &

The goal for every tech company is to build a product that can scale exponentially; but in order to build something truly scalable - next to being a great product - it also needs to be accessible and inclusive for all. Whether you're responsible for designing the product itself or telling the world about it, it is crucially important to keep inclusivity at the forefront of your mind when doing this. 

In this session, we'll be talking about building inclusive products - what this means, why this is important, and what you should be thinking about and doing in order to achieve this. 

We'll be welcoming two speakers from and Google to talk about how inclusive design is perceived and pursued within their organisations. We'll start with a short ice-breaker activity to get you thinking about the multi-faceted meaning of the word inclusivity. Following this, each speaker will deliver a short 15-min talk on what they do at their respective organisations and any tips for you to take away, followed by the opportunity for Q&A. 


• 15:45-16:00 - walk-in

• 16:00-16:10 - warm-up activity

• 16:10-16:25 - talk from Melody about inclusive products at

• 16:25-16:40 - talk from Lee about inclusive products at Google, especially in regard to machine learning

• 16:40-17:00 - Q&A


  • Melody David is a Senior UX Copywriter at and the Global Chair for Black@Booking. Originally from London, UK she’s worked in advertising, publishing and technology for over 12 years. She's passionate about creating inclusive user experiences and is on a personal mission to empower more women and queer people of colour speak on the subjects they know and love. She'll be talking about some of the challenges they've faced at Booking and how building more inclusive products is about a culture and mindset change/tips.
  • Lee Boonstra is a sales engineer in the Google Cloud team where she assists the sales team with technical knowledge about cloud computing and machine learning for the financial industry. Next to her job, Lee is Chapter Lead of Gayglers NL (group for LGBTQIA Googlers) and is leads the pride activities for Google NL. She'll be talking about how Google strives to build inclusive products, and potential issues that can arise especially with products using Machine Learning tech.