Building a #Tech4Good Community in Amsterdam

by NetSquared

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Building a #Tech4Good Community in Amsterdam

Nonprofits are typically TERRIBLE at technology and digital marketing. Can you help? We're assembling a team of community leaders to host a monthly nonprofit technology meetup in Amsterdam.

I'm Eli and 'll be visiting from Vancouver Canada to see family... but while I'm in town I'd love to meet with you to talk about how we can create a NetSquared chapter in Amsterdam. There are 105 chapters in 34 countries, but nothing in Amsterdam....yet!  

Join me to drink a beer and tell me more about the local #Tech4Good community.


NetSquared is a volunteer-led program ofTechSoup/SOCIALware that builds the technology capacity of nonprofits through networking and training events. Organizers plan monthly meetups, but you don't need to be a tech expert. As a volunteer organizer, your role is to be the host, manage the venue and recruit guest speakers who will present case studies and share best practices.

As a NetSquared organizer, you will become known as someone who's a leader in the tech for good community. As an event host, you build your reputation, develop new tech skills, and give back to your community.... and have a reason to hang out with other cool people!