BlockchainTalks vol 2


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BlockchainTalks vol 2

No matter how knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies you are, this edition will bring you an interesting content anyways. Our speakers will share their insights on blockchain fundamentals, cryptocurrency features, ICO and its comparison to IPO, how it feels to study MSc in cryptocurrencies at University of Nicosia - and much more. One evening - all useful information by hand!

We have got one surprise for you - a tangible experience with cryptocurrencies. Curious? Come over and find out!

We start at 1800! Walk-in from 1700. Snacks included!

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Our speakers are:

Amin Rafiee

Amin has been heavily involved with the cryptocurrency scene since 2013. During this period he has been active throughout numerous communities to help distribute, promote and understand their work. He has also worked as a journalist and the CCO – in charge of external communications and partnerships to help expand a presence – for an online news based website.He is also one of the Founders of BITNATION, coupling the possibilities brought about by blockchains and meshing them with the services that governments traditionally provide. Since then he has moved on and now mainly speaks at conferences and focuses on blockchain adaptations itself, which are providing solutions to our many global limitations and problems.

Ronnie Dibbaut

Ronnie Dibbaut has been active in the utility industry since 2004, first as Business Analyst and later on as Technology Expert working on global innovation for a major European utility company. Ronnie is now working as a Subject Matter Expert on innovation for the product department of Ferranti Computer Systems, an Antwerp-based company specialized in offering a MDM/CRM software solution for utility companies.The latest developed product of Ferranti's product organization is MIA, the MECOMS™ Interactive Agent, a chatbot with cognitive capabilities.At this Blockchain Talks seminar, Ronnie will kick off the session and talk about peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading, made possible via smart contracts and a private ethereum blockchain network.

Rinke Hendriksen

Rinke can be best characterized by his never ending curiosity and enthusiasm about the Blockchain space. Currently, he is dedicating himself to the full-time MSc in Digital Currencies (the first and only master's programme in the world) which is offered by the university of Nicosia in Cyprus. Besides this, he is tackling the issue of inheritance of private keys with the final goal to bring Blockchains a step closer to maturity.

Sandris Murins

Sandris is serial blockchain entrepreneur, ICO advisor and blockchain strategist. He is co-founder of token accelerator Iconiq Lab and blockchain company Factury. He is advisor for ICO projects and published at 14 articles on potential blockchain use-cases.