Beyond Banking 2018: Pre-Hackathon Meetup


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Beyond Banking 2018: Pre-Hackathon Meetup

On April 25, hundreds of enthusiast will be craving to start creating inspired solutions. We hope you’ll be among them!

To learn all you need to know beforehand so you’re fully prepared and to meet all your potential adversaries, join us at the meetup for some high quality anticipation in the run up to the days!

Why you don’t want to miss this meetup:

  • Earn bonus points with the jury and enhance your chance to place your team in the Hackathon
  • Pick up essential information on customer validation and design thinking
  • Gather insights in Business validation: “How to design a better business”
  • Collect knowledge on challenge topics from the Hackathon challenge owners.
  • Complete or find your team for the BB days, live!

Keynotes and cases with speakers from:

  • Google - Introduction to design sprints
  • Design a Better Business // H3 Society - How to build a badass business
  • Github - How the largest DDoS attack ever took Github offline for less than 10 minutes.

We hope to see you there!