Bend, don't break - Workshop on how to prevent burnout (Postponed)

by TQ

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Bend, don't break - Workshop on how to prevent burnout (Postponed)

This event is postponed until further notice, as a preventative measure to keep our community safe regarding COVID-19.

The aim of this workshop is to explore ways in which we can prevent burnout. We will look at its causes, explain the main strategies to prevent it, and come up with practical tips that can be easily implemented to prevent burnout and manage stress in the workplace.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • What is burnout?

  • The difference between burnout and stress

  • Signs of burnout

  • Main strategies to prevent burnout

  • Easy to implement tips to prevent burnout and manage stress


Ines Fernandes is a Human Movement Scientist and certified as a Professional Ergonomist (AEP)®. She is passionate about finding creative solutions to help people live healthier work and personal lives. She achieves this through designing workplace interventions that promote healthy habits, reduce stress, burnout, and prevent injuries. Her ambition is to raise awareness of the best ways to use one’s body during operational tasks in order to increase productivity; allowing for efficient and safe work practices. 

Nadia Labort is an Australian trained Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist, certified as a Professional Ergonomist (AEP)® with a passion for functional, effective, and practical movement. “I believe health should be in the hands of the individual and I strive to assist my clients with the skills to understand their own bodies, both how to prevent injuries, and manage the ones that come along.”