Amsterdam Tech Drinks: Winter Sun Edition

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Amsterdam Tech Drinks: Winter Sun Edition

While our top-floor bar is usually strictly reserved for our community's wild antics, we've decided to shake things up. On the last Friday of every month, we're opening up our club to all our friends — that means you — to come and run amok with other tech lovers over drinks and city views. 

Anyone else already over the cold weather? This month we're bringing the sun back with a tropical-themed edition of Amsterdam Tech Drinks ✨ Enjoy a Friday night staycation at our rooftop bar, where fruity cocktails, palm trees, and a DJ await you — join us on the dance floor and let your seasonal depression melt away. Bring your friends and start your weekend off right — the more the merrier but don't forget to register for your free ticket! 

We're also welcoming back our friends from Chivas Venture, who'll once again serve welcome drinks at their sponsored cocktail bar until 18:00. Make sure to grab one before they run out!

For this edition, we're teaming up with Homeland Brewery to bring some new flavours to the club. Together we'll be hosting a free tasting of 3 different beers, with snacks that match each of the beers.

We'll be tasting:

  • Amsterdams Wit (Wheat beer)
  • Pieremegoggel (Saison/Farmhouse Ale)
  • Katzwijm (I.P.A.)

Accompanied by:

  • SautĂ©ed vegetable skewers with the Amsterdams Wit
  • Custard bite with raspberry with the Pieremegoggel
  • Chipotle spiced tuna on a cracker with the Katzwijm 

The tasting will start at 17:15 and will run until the beer finished. You can purchase it at the bar following the tasting!


The Chivas Venture gives away $1m in no-strings funding every year to the hottest startups from around the world who successfully blend profit with purpose. Is your business built around a desire to make the world a better place? You could win a share of $1 million in funding at the Chivas Venture – and put crucial funding into your business. Apply now. creates a tailor made music profile that fits your brand and connects you to a curator with the right music expertise. This month, Kollekt is bringing along Moiety:

Amsterdam based producer Moiety debuted in 2012 with the EP “Night Vision” on the Dutch record label called INI Movement.His sound was inspired by early UK Bass, Dub and House. He started to DJ at the age of 18 (now 31) in local clubs in his hometown Haarlem, where he mostly played Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae records. Later on in his career he started playing more electronic music in and around Amsterdam. In the past couple of years, he's worked on producing new material and has also planned coproduction releases which are to be announced later this year.

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