Agile & Engineering with's IT Director Menno Vis

by TQ

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Agile & Engineering with's IT Director Menno Vis

On 18th October, Menno Vis, IT Director at is coming to TQ to talk about the past, present and future of agile at He'll be diving further into engineering, looking at the following themes: 

- How do you decide which features you are going to develop? 

 - How do you decide what is good design? 

 - How do you use A / B testing to achieve optimal software / design? 

 - What does incremental development look like? 

Menno Vis will be joined on stage by TQ residents: Flexport, Kinder and Off Grid Electric. We'll also be welcoming a group of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence & System Network Engineering students from the University of Amsterdam to TQ for this talk. If you're looking to scout new talent, this is a great opportunity.