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Agile Beyond ​M​ethods with

Do you recognize this statement? "Let's be Agile and implement scrum by the book!" or "We are going to adopt the Spotify Model!". These statements are not congruent because Agile is empirical and non-prescriptive. However, this implies that one size fits all. While there is an abundance of methods on how to foster an Agile mindset, just implementing them literary as prescribed, without an Agile mindset, will not result in higher business agility. Also, copying a method from another context, industry or even team might not provide you with the methods that fit your organization, industry, and team.

Let's go back to the basics, to embedding Agile Principles in your organization, and using methods and example companies only as a reference to develop your own Agile practices. We are hosting a panel of four Agile Evangelists to debate around the topic"Agile Beyond Methods". They will shortly pitch their views on Agile Beyond Methods after which the audience can ask questions for a lively discussion. Melanie Wessels, (Agile Coach @ booking) will start off with an introduction and will be moderating the session. 

The statement of the evening: Agile implementation yields more than just models. 

Agile Evangelists

  • Patrick Steyaert - Founder of Okaloa and Creator of Okaloa Flowlab Brian Kemble - Agile Coach at
  • Jan Dirk Hogendoorn - Self Organizing team coach at Enrise (previously Finext)
  • Marco Bogers  - Certified Holacracy Coach and co-author of the Dutch Bestseller Getting Teams Done