A look into Gaza's tech scene with Hani Mortaja

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A look into Gaza's tech scene with Hani Mortaja

Over the past six weeks, we’ve had Hani Mortaja all the way from Gaza in Palestine at TQ undertaking a Community Management internship. He’s been taking part in the staff exchange program made possible by Google for Entrepreneurs, who are one of TQ’s partners.

Hani works as a Data and Operations Officer at Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG), the first ever startup accelerator and tech hub in Gaza. Founded in 2011 by Google for Entrepreneurs and Mercy Corps, GSG is an accelerator, co-working space, and a tech-education hub helping Gazans as young as 14 turn their ideas into businesses with the help of mentoring and training programs.

During this talk Hani will give the TQ community some insight into how things run at GSG, with a particular focus on talent development in the tech industry in Gaza and why this is important. Join on Thursday 28th Feb at 17:00 in the 4th floor event space for Hani's talk.