30-day meditation program with Mindlab

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30-day meditation program with Mindlab

Why meditation?

Steve Jobs, Novak Djokovic, Yuval Noah Harari all have one thing in common: Morning meditation. Connecting to yourself not only helps you better connect with others but also benefits your work and overall wellbeing.  Join Mindlab's 30-day meditation program to build a positive habit for the mind. 

Mindlab is designed to help you experience the benefits meditation has to offer. With their 30-day, 30-minute meditation program you’ll learn to be more present in the moment and strengthen your state of mind. Their expert teachers will introduce you to a daily routine offering simple techniques in an accessible manner. The program consists of theory, guided meditation and various mindfulness exercises that'll help you discover what works best for you.

You're expected to fully commit to the 30-day program and not miss more than three weekday mornings. It’s the consistent practice that makes all the difference. Each 30-day program will be taught by 3 different trained and certified meditation teachers. The classes only take place on weekdays. 

The price for the full program is €180 including a meditation pillow. Use the promo code 'TQSPECIAL' for a 20% discount, valid until midnight October 12th. That’s less than the average cost of a night at the W Hotel in Amsterdam!


Tuesday October 16 --> Friday November 16
(excl. weekend, weekdays only)

  •  08:25 - 08:55 (22 spots)

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