Workshop on how to improve your performance

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Workshop on how to improve your performance

Ever wonder how to get more out of your days and nights? Then this session is for you! Did you know that performance on a range of tasks can vary up to 300% depending on the time of day? This is because our body has its own innate daily biorhythm -- which determines not only when we feel sleepy or energized, but also when we are at our physical and cognitive best. This biorhythm varies significantly from person to person: we all have a unique, genetically-determined chronotype, which influences our mood and energy levels throughout the day. 

In this session, Dr. Els van der Helm will discuss the science behind your biological rhythm and sleep, which affect everything you do across the 24-hour day and night, and how to use your biological peaks to boost WHAT you get done as well as HOW WELL you do it. She will also cover the implications for your team, such as the optimal times to plan a creative brainstorming session versus an analytical session. 

Bring your daily calendar with you, as you'll want to put your learnings into action immediately!  

About the speaker

Dr. Els van der Helm is a sleep expert, former McKinsey consultant and founder of Shleep, a company focused on improving the performance of organizations through a digital sleep and performance coaching platform. Els studied sleep extensively, starting with her Master’s in Neurosciences, where she investigated the effect of sleep on memory (Netherlands Institute for Neurosciences) and emotional processing (Harvard Medical School). She also investigated the effect of sleep on the brain during her PhD in Psychology (University of California Berkeley) before working at McKinsey as a strategy and management consultant. Her publications have been featured by Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, McKinsey Quarterly, and many others.