We help tech startups reach exponential growth

TQ is a curated tech hub in the heart of Amsterdam, founded by TNW. We help push tech startups towards exponential growth by providing our residents & members with the right community, events and facilities. Also, the occasional hug.

You’re not a startup unless you’re growing. But expanding is hard when you lack the focus or experience to build, measure, learn and repeat. TQ was founded by industry veterans that want to solve this problem. We specifically aim to help startups that have an international focus, can grow exponentially, and consist of a diverse set of team members.

TQ offers an international network of experts and investors, event programming that provides a stage to those speaking from real industry experience, and a managed location including private or shared offices and a catered members club.

 Everything about TQ should help you grow your product, your team, your company and yourself. If you’re looking to grow, TQ is the place for you. Join us.

Our purpose

By Robert Gaal, Managing Director of TQ

When I was 20 years old I founded my first startup. It was great, but also really hard. I remember for instance being in line at the supermarket, sweating because I didn’t know if I had enough money on my bank account. As I swiped my card, the machine showed me 3 terrible words: “not enough balance”. I left my groceries, went home, and ate some old crackers with ketchup instead. Luckily my company received funding shortly after and even was acquired a little later. But man, I still can’t eat a single cracker to this day. And you know what the worst thing was? After this company, I started another one. I did this to myself twice!

As it turns out, more and more people have this type of very serious mental illness. They’re called startups, and for the last few months we’ve been working hard at TQ to make them a home. We think that this is the right time to do that in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for 3 reasons:

  • It has access to the best talent in the world, that was raised with the design of Hema and Philips and the industrial mindset of Heineken and Shell. But we also welcome international talent. I met my wife because she could move from New York and work for a Dutch startup.
  • It has great infrastructure. Windmills, railroads, airports, public transit, fast internet, affordable healthcare, bike lanes, more windmills. It makes the quality of life quite high and creates the foundation to accelerate your business. With the flex BV or the startup visa we’re moving closer and closer to perfecting it.
  • The tech industry here is more like a family. Many people who started at Hyves went to work for eBuddy who went to work for Catawiki who went to work on the next generation of startups. Investors, accelerators, universities, agencies, small startups, large corporations, you can visit them all by bike like relatives.

But, why is this not Silicon Valley? Well… For the last few years I’ve lived in Silicon Valley. Sure, the weather was a lot better, and the burrito’s too. But I also learned that the things that make this place different are what make it thrive. Access to global talent, great infrastructure, and an intimate industry.

That’s why a decade ago we started The Next Web here, one of the largest tech conferences in the world that is more like a party by its founders, Boris and Patrick. We meet with entrepreneurs and people from all over the tech industry here for 1 week a year. TQ is our way of making sure the tech industry comes together 365 days a year.

With TQ, we’re building a tech hub that helps push startup towards exponential growth.

It’s a place where on this floor we’ll welcome anyone from the tech community who is passionate about technology. On the 3 floors below, we provide office space for 100 companies. We’ve selected them because they have an international focus, can grow exponentially, and have a diverse set of team members. The last bit is important, by the way, as TQ strives to remain an inclusive space for everyone.

Our team and I have spent a lot of time thinking about how we can create a home for the tech industry instead of a hotel. Because a home is a place where the people are familiar to you, where you treat everyone with respect, where you feel like you belong. And while it might look finished to you, we’re going to continue to work hard to make sure this is the best tech home in the world. A home for all those people with the mental illness of startups.